Across The Pond
Across The Pond

Across the Pond

For the past decade, Celtic folk music has been enjoying a revival of sorts. Across the Pond, Pennsylvania’s own Celtic band, has been carving its niche in this movement — from unique arrangements of fast-paced jigs, reels and hornpipes to its high-powered versions of both traditional and modern Irish, Scottish and American Mountain songs.

You’ll be filled with emotion listening to a hauntingly beautiful song of love or hardship, and the next minute, you’ll be clapping or singing along to “Whiskey in the Jar”, trying not to spill your drink.

This high-octave band — featuring Mike Morrison, Chuck Krepley and Dan Diviney — has been sharing its
unique style of music from Virginia Beach to Ontario and into Quebec.

Across the Pond begins with traditional folk music, born of 800 years of oppression, then “has their way with it”, creating high-powered arrangements that command attention and can make a person quite thirsty for more.

After releasing their first CD, “Kid on the Mountain”, things started happening. Across the Pond was named in the Top 20 Celtic folk bands worldwide by Marc Gunn. “I Know My Love” was named Best Contemporary Song of the year and inducted into the Celtic Radio Hall of Fame. Another track was nominated as Best Traditional.

“Kid on the Mountain” has been entered into the Irish Traditional Music Archives in Dublin, Ireland.

The band is at work on its second CD.

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